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My Idea is to have branded Courses for MusculoSkeletal Ultrasound and I give the Name (BONAR) to it. 

The course should be branded with Logo.


Because the bony cortex is the land mark in MusculoSkeletal UltraSound Scan.

And Why Pan Emirates? Because simply At the beginning of the Course, it rotated among the Emirates of UAE, In Collaboration with Regional Health Authorities, as follows:

- Western Region (Done - Madinat Zayed Hospital - March 21st, 2015).

- Umm Al-Quwain (Done - Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital - April 4th, 2015).

Ajman (Done - Ajman General Hospital - April 18th, 2015).

Al Fujairah (Done - Al Fujairah Hospital - April  24th, 2015).

SKMC - Abu Dhabi (Done - InterContinental Hotel - June 12th, 2015).

Al Ain (Done - Ayla Hotel - October 30th, 2015).

Abu Dhabi Ortho Club (Done - Khalidiya Palace Hotel - Nov.20th, 2015).

Al Ahli Club - Dubai (Done - Al Ahli Club - Feb.12th, 2016).

Ras Al Khaimah (Done - Saqr Hospital - April 22nd, 2016).

Sharjah (BONAR Course was held at Sharjah University during

   the Academic Year 2020 - 2021).