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Our Target will be:

BONAR Course is aimed at those Specialties seeking a personal and integral training,

and interested in MSK US at international level.

The following Doctor Specialties are welcomed to register for the Diploma

a. Radiologists

b. Sonologists 

c. Rheumatologists

d. Orthopedics

e. Anaesthesiologists

f. Pain management Professionals

g. Sports Medicine Physicians

h. Physiatrist

i. Vascular Surgeons

j. NeuroSurgeons

k. Neurologist

l. Emergency Medicine Doctors

m. I.C.U. Doctors (Intensivists)

n. Family doctors

o. US Machine Application Specialists (with Medical Qualification)

The door is also open for the following categories to register

according to their personal interest or variant license rules in different countries:

a. Anaesthesia Technicians (or Assistants)

b. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation professionals (Physiotherapists)

c. Sonographers (US Technologists or Technicians)

d. Emergency Medicine Staff

e. I.C.U. Staff

f. US Machine Application Specialists (without Medical Qualification)

g. Athletic Trainers